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General Stand Up Paddling The SUP2thepeople rental For partners
  • How does it work?
  • How do I rent a SUP at SUP2thepeople?
  • SUP2thepeople is really easy to use! It only takes a few clicks to rent a SUP board. After which, you can pick up a board at a location of your choice.

    - Select where you want to SUP.
    - Select how many boards you would like to use.
    - Select when and how long you wish to use these SUP boards.
    - Select a rental location which is located nearby and fill out the data form to complete your booking.
    - Go to the rental location, pick up your SUP board and get on the water.
  • How much does it cost to rent a SUP board?
  • You can rent a SUP board starting at 5 Pounds! For the exact price you can look up a location, select start and ending time, and select the board. After that, you can see the total price of your booking.
  • How big and heavy are the SUP boards?
  • Our inflatable SUPs aren’t heavy at all and are easy to carry. It’s packed in a waterproof bag and the size of the bag is 90 x 40 cm and weighs 11 kg in total.

    Once the SUP is inflated it’s about 3.50 meters long and 85 cm wide. It has an easy to carry handle, which makes it easier to carry.
  • Do I have to pay a security deposit for the rental of the sup?
  • At SUP2thepeople you do not pay a security deposit, to keep renting as simple as possible. 
  • Which legitimation is required to be able to rent a sup?
  • To be able to rent a sup, you need to hand over a valid passport or ID-card. A copy of you legitimation is insufficiënt. Without legitimation we cannot lend you the sup.
  • Can I take valuables with me during supping?
  • The bag of the sup can easily be used to keep your valuables and clothes in on the go. Roll up the bag a couple of times and close it with the snap closure. You can put the bag under the straps on the sup.
  • Can I take the sup with me on holiday?
  • Of course you are allowed to take a rented sup with you to your holiday address. Just make sure you fill out the correct dates, to pick up and drop off your rented SUP..

    It is also handy to rent a SUP from a SUP2thepeopl location near your holiday address. This will save you luggage.

    If you would like to rent a sup for a periode longer than a week, make sure to contact the details to the rental location of your choice.
  • How late do I have to return the SUP?
  • Make sure you bring the SUP back on time, so the next person who has rented that SUP can get on the water. Of course, we can understand that you can have some delay and we won’t be mad if you’re a minute to late. 
  • Can a sup be returned to a different location than where it was rented?
  • No, unfortunately this is not possible. All of our sups have a unique time registration that is connected to the rent location. This means your sup has to be returned to the same location from where it was rented.
  • How am I insured when I rent a sup?
  • The renter is responsible for damage to the rented materials and materials / damage of third-party’s. However, a personal liability insurance compensates third-party damages. 
  • Am I insured against theft of the sup?
  • The sup is not insured against theft. When theft, loss or damage occurs, the renter is held responsible for all damage and the resulting costs. Do not leave the sup unattended.
  • What should I do when damage occurs to the sup?
  • When damage is found before you start supping, this should be reported to the rental location.

    When damage to the sup occurs during supping, this should be reported immediately to the rental location.
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