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Event tour

depuis 14-04-2018 Jusqu’à (inclus) 22-04-2018
Cerf Volants International kite event
The biggest kite event in the world has the honor to host the first SUP2thpeople event!
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depuis 21-04-2018 Jusqu’à (inclus) 21-04-2018
A creative event full of SUP fun! Location: werf35.
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depuis 06-05-2018 Jusqu’à (inclus) 06-05-2018
Join us on the sixth of May! Jobe location Trittbett will show you what SUP is all about.
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depuis 17-05-2018 Jusqu’à (inclus) 20-05-2018
Feria Maritima
Join the Feria Maritima and catch us there!
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depuis 02-06-2018 Jusqu’à (inclus) 03-06-2018
Break Out Run
Go all out!
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Faites du Nautisme
Catch us in Annecy this summer!
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depuis 08-06-2018 Jusqu’à (inclus) 10-06-2018
Healthy Fest
Join us on the healhiest event of the Netherlands! 3 Days of fit, health, food and mindfullness. And SUP! Location: Centerparcs de Eemhof.
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depuis 09-06-2018 Jusqu’à (inclus) 09-06-2018
Sport Sohn
In cooperation with Sport Sohn in Ulm SUP2thepeople will bring SUP to you!
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depuis 16-06-2018 Jusqu’à (inclus) 17-06-2018
Kids & Family Day
The Kids & Family Day 2018 at Flughafen Leipzig includes SUP for the first time ever!
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depuis 16-06-2018 Jusqu’à (inclus) 16-06-2018
Family Festival
At the Family Festival at Brotterode - Trusetal we will show you why SUP is the fastest growing watersport!
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depuis 24-06-2018 Jusqu’à (inclus) 01-07-2018
Volvo Ocean Race (Den Haag finish)
SUP2thepeople will be present at the official finish of the Volvo Ocean Race in Den Haag
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depuis 06-07-2018 Jusqu’à (inclus) 08-07-2018
Wakeboard & Wakeskate championships
Catch us at the Wakeboard & Wakeskate championships and get on the water!
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depuis 13-07-2018 Jusqu’à (inclus) 13-07-2018
Ulmer Muenster Run
A day filled with sports. After a run the best way to cool down is with SUP! Catch us on the market.
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depuis 27-07-2018 Jusqu’à (inclus) 27-07-2018
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depuis 01-08-2018 Jusqu’à (inclus) 08-08-2018
Porto Oranci Olbia
A festival filled with music and sports. And SUP2thepeople! The best combination.
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depuis 12-08-2018 Jusqu’à (inclus) 12-08-2018
Island St party
Party with us this August! SUP2thepeople joins the Island St Party in Salcombe.
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depuis 20-09-2018 Jusqu’à (inclus) 25-09-2018
Genua Boat Show
Itallia's biggest boatshow needs some vitamin SUP2thepeople, catch us there 5 days! 
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