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how to choose your paddle

how to choose your paddle
Your paddle is essential while exploring on your SUP board. It can enhance your performance and impact your SUP session. Choosing your paddle depends on three basic factors: weight, stiffness and size of the blade. Read on to find the appropriate paddle to match your paddling experience! 

A bigger blade will make sure more water is moved and thus ensures a more powerful paddle stroke, where a smaller asks for more frequency to move that same amount of water. A bigger blade also means you need some more experience to stand stable on your board, while a smaller blade feels more comfortable. Jobe carbon paddleshave the biggest size blades and are constructed with the latest production techniques to ensure a lightweight paddle. 

A lightweight paddle is easier to maintain than a heavier one, especially once you go on longer trips. Our paddlesare one of the lightest paddles on the market today! Carbon paddles are the lightest in our family, fiberglass have medium weight and aluminum paddles are our basic paddles. 

A stiff paddle means the energy of your stroke is transferred more effectively through the paddle into the water, this also improves the efficiency of your paddle stroke. Carbon paddles are the most stiff paddles we have in our collection and aluminum the least. 

Happy paddling! 
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