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General Terms

Concepts descriptions

These terms are understood to mean:                      
SUP(S): Stand Up Paddleboard(s);
Tenant: The natural person who, as tenant, concludes a rental agreement with the owner regarding the rent of a SUP through the Website;

Owner: The local Jobe SUP2thepeople dealer who purchases SUPs from Jobe and with whom the tenant concludes a rental agreement through the website;

The agreement: The rental agreement between the tenant and the owner;

The Website:, which is property of Jobe.

Jobe: The private company with limited liability: "Sport and Recreation Den Bol B.V.", located in Heerewaarden (Maasdriel), acting under the name of "Jobe Sports International", which party acts as a mediator on behalf of the owner.

Article 1: Applicability
These General Terms and Conditions apply to all agreements concluded between Owner and Tenant.

Article 2: The agreement
The Agreement is entered into by tenant’s acceptance of the owner’s offer on the website and/or in the owner’s shop.

After booking via the Website, the Tenant receives a written confirmation of the e-mail address specified by him / her.

The rental agreement is always entered into for a certain period of time.

Article 3: The price and price changes
The rental price must be paid in advance via the payment methods on the website, or during a booking in the owner’s shop, unless both parties agree otherwise.

If the Tenant does not meet the rent within the agreed term, then the tenant is liable for legal interest.

If the owner has to enable third parties to take tax measures because the tenant has not paid the rent in time, then the tenant is obliged to pay the owner’s collection fee, provided that the owner has failed the tenant and  gives him/her the time to fulfil the payment within fourteen days.

Complaints about the SUP do not allow the Tenant to suspend his/her payment obligation.
Article 4: Cancellation right of bookings through the website
In the case the tenant is a consumer, he/she has the right to cancel the agreement until 48 hours before the booking via the website without giving any reasons.

If the tenant wishes to use his/her right of cancellation, he/she must send an email to: and to the Rental location he/she placed the booking.

If the tenant has already paid for the agreement and he/she wishes to cancel it, the owner will credit the payment to the tenant within 14 days of receipt of the tenant’s cancellation statement.

Article 5: The rental period
The tenant is obliged to collect the SUP by the owner at the latest on the day and at the time when the rental period commences, within the owner’s opening hours.

The tenant is obliged to return the SUP at the day and time when the rental period ends, within the opening hours of the owner.

If the SUP is not delivered by the Tenant on the agreed date and / or the agreed time, the owner is entitled to take all necessary steps to re-use the SUP, the full costs of which are paid by the Tenant.

If the tenant does not return the SUP on the agreed date and/or time, then the owner has the right to charge a penalty to the tenant for every day or daypart the SUP isn’t in the owner’s possession equal to the owner’s rental price per day, without prejudice to the right of the owner to claim compliance and/or damage from the tenant.
Artikel 6: Obligations tenant
At receipt of the SUP of the owner, the tenant signs a  receipt note. The SUP is deemed to be provided undamaged by the owner to the tenant, which is only different if a note has been made on the receipt note that the SUP is damaged (and where). Before the SUP is taken into use, the tenant is obliged to carry out the necessary preparatory and control actions in consultation with the owner.

The tenant needs to behave ordinary and the SUP is only to be used to stand up paddle.

The tenant must always read the product manual before using the SUP.

The tenant is not authorized to use and / or lease the SUP to a third party unless the owner hereby gives written permission in advance.

The Tenant may never leave the SUP unattended.

The Tenant is required to deliver the SUP intact and clean to the owner at the end of the rental period.

Damage incurred by the owner to the SUP and / or Accessories of the SUP upon delivery of the SUP is recovered at the expense and risk of the tenant.

If the SUP is not handed in properly, the owner is entitled to charge cleaning costs with the tenant with a minimum amount of € 20, -.

In the event of damage to SUP or damage to SUP during SUP's use or in case of an accident with SUP, then the Tenant is obliged to:
  • To notify the owner within 24 hours;
  • Submit a fully completed declaration of damage to the owner within 24 hours;
  • In case of loss: immediately inform the police;
  • Follow all instructions of the owner and / or the authorities;
  • To provide all the information requested to the Lessor and / or the authorities
  • In the event of theft or loss: To cooperate with the owner and / or authorities to recover the SUP
  • All damage caused by the tenant as a consequence of SUPS damage or SUPS missing damage will be paid by the tenant.
  • The Tenant is not entitled to use a damaged SUP yet (which may worsen damage and / or safety). If the owner determines that this is happening or has taken place, the owner has the right to claim a penalty of € 100, - without prejudice to the owner’s right to claim compliance and / or damages .
  • The tenant is not permitted without the prior written consent of the owner to bring or bring any changes to the SUP.
  • The tenant must ensure proper WA insurance. If the tenant has not ensured proper WA insurance, then the owner is entitled to not give the SUP to the tenant at the start of the rental period.
Article 7: Liability Owner
The owner is never liable for damage suffered by the tenant as a result of the use of the SUP and/or the performace of the agreemant, unless there is intentional and/or conscious recklessness from the owner.

If the owner is liable to the tenant then his/her liability is limited to the amount that her insurer extends to her.

Articel 8: Decomposition
The owner is entitled to dissolve the Agreement with immediate effect by means of a written declaration (including: by email) without requiring a notice of default and subsequently reappointing the SUP without prejudice to its right to compensation of cost, damage and interest if:
  • The Tenant does not, in time or in full, fulfill one or more of his / her obligations towards the Lessor;
  • The Tenant dies, is declared to be under curtailment, requesting a payment or prepack payment, declared bankrupt and / or declared in respect of him the Natural Persons Debt Settlement Act;
  • The Tenant loses the disposal of his / her assets in another way;
  • If the owner of the existence of circumstances appears to be such that the owner was aware of this, the Agreement has not been entered into.
  • The Tenant is obliged to return the SUP, as far as it is in his / her possession, to the Lessor within 24 hours of the resignation.
Article 9: Complaints
Complaints about the execution of the agreement and/or the SUP must be described comprehensively and clearly in written form to the owner within 24 hours after the fails are detected by the tenant. If the tenant fails to submit his/her complaint within 24 hours he or she loses the right to do so.
Artikel 10: Dispute settlement
Disputes between the tenant and the owner on the execution of the agreement shall be settled by the competent court of the district East-Brabant in s’-Hertogenbosch.
Artikel 11: Toepasselijk recht
The agreement is governed by Dutch law only.
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